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4 reasons

to spend a holiday with us

You will be delighted by the location of our B&B and the surrounding area with its history and plenty of unspoiled nature. Idyllic Lenggries is a historical town whose settlement dates back to the Bronze Age. Walking through the town, you will discover many historic buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries. The nearby Alps and their picturesque foothills provide plenty of opportunities for day trips.

Indulge yourself

in our breakfast café

A substantial breakfast is the best way to start an active day in the Tölzer Land. Fill up on delicious ingredients from our regional suppliers. We offer daily fresh bread from our local baker as well as cheese from the Allgäu region and eggs and sausages from local farms. Eat your fill in the wonderful ambience of our café and power up for an excursion to the mountains or your next sightseeing tour.

Leisure activities

in the uplands

The Bavarian uplands are without a doubt one of Europe’s most interesting regions. Visit the palaces and castles of the fairy-tale king Ludwig II such as Schloss Linderhof and Neuschwanstein, or the world-famous Wieskirche in the Pfaffenwinkel. Bathe on the shores of the Eibsee, Tegernsee, Kochel and Walchensee lakes or wander through the Partnach Gorge. Discover Bavarian culture and top-class historical architecture during a visit to Berchtesgaden, Bad Tölz or Murnau.